Grim Road

Muki Software

Indie Cup S’21

Пре-альфа Альфа Бета Готові до релізу Вертикальний зріз Дочасний доступ
S’21 / Shortlist 003 (Rising Star)
S’21 / Shortlist 004 (Critics’ Choice)
S’21 / Shortlist 007 (Best Audio)
S’21 / Shortlist 009 (Best Unity Game)
Roguelike turn-based RPG in a grimdark universe without sunlight with only three colors!
Опис гри
Grim Road is a gothic roguelike role-playing game with a turn-based combat system. The unique visual style combines pixel art in 2d and 3d while using only white, black, and red colors with no shades! 

Life as we know it will soon end. Demon Lords deprived the Earth of the sun with powerful black magic. Food is not growing anymore, the Earth becomes colder by the day, and everything alive is slowly dying. A mysterious god sends his angels to unite what's left of humans capable of fighting to defeat all archdemons and make the sunrise once again. But the road is long and full of threats: demons, hunger, diseases, moral dilemmas, and ever-present darkness.

My name is Maxim Ratnikov, and I do most of the work on this project, like code, graphics, and music. With the help of Lyova Georgievsky - our funky scriptwriter, you can expect great lore and story.