Project Introduction

Timberborn is a post-apocalyptic city-building game with beavers. The player picks between factions of these crafty rodents, each with unique architecture and gameplay traits, and grows a colony that fights recurring, ever-deadlier droughts. As a beaver game full of dams and trees, Timberborn features water physics, fully terra-formable maps, and vertical wooden architecture. To irrigate the wasteland and cover it with fields and forests, beavers use lumberpunk technology, ranging from wood workshops to mechanical pumps. There are over 100 buildings in the game, including attractions, monuments, and everything in-between a bipedal beaver needs to enjoy life on post-human Earth.

About Developer

Like many rookie devs hooked on World of Warcraft, the two Dawidow brothers wanted to make an MMO. Fortunately, they scratched the idea and - definitely not influenced by years spent in Canada - ended up with a city-builder with beavers. Timberborn has been in development since 2018, and by the time the game hit Early Access in September 2021, Mechanistry had seven members. When OTK Games Expo goes live in June, we'll be a team of thirteen - but we still won't have a regular office. We're so hip we’ve all worked remotely from cities across Poland even before COVID made it the new normal.