the Epic

Far-Far Games

W21 / Best Art / Shortlist
W21 / Best Unreal / Shortlist


Boss battles, end-to-end narrative describing all the player's actions, biomorphing.


A plot-based Open World, Skill-Driven ARPG in the reinterpreted world of Slavic and Scandinavia epos , telling the story of species segregation that turned into class and religious war.

The key mechanics of the game are centered around exploring the vast sectional world. The gameplay is based on an atypical isometric RPG combat system that makes each battle difficult, forcing you to look for an approach to a specific type of enemy.Opponents' blows are strong, and their behavior in battle requires learning and forming tactics or choosing another area for research.

The epic is a story that truth and goodness do not always come with great power, that there is only one soldier in the field, if the deed is right. The narrative structure implies a battle with interesting, unusual enemies and bosses to restore the balance of good and evil, which is disturbed by the out of control heroes.


The Far-Far Games team is located in Moscow and was formed in early 2020. The team currently has about 10 people. We are developing a project with our own funds. Each team member has quite extensive creative and game-dev experience.