Songs of Armageddopolis

Team Mariupolis


Detective adventure where intuition is more important than deduction. Also we have permadeath makes the experience more valuable and meaningful.


Actually, you are not even a detective, you are just doing a traineeship in some suspicious detective agency. And, truth be told, you are not being liked by bosses. You think that the reason for this antipathy is the form of your head: it is too round. But that is not the point. The point is: you stink of death and defeat. Why are you even here? Well, there were some reasons, probably, but now they are of no significance. There is a city and you have to find the truth, this is everything you know. Unimaginably pretentious technology called “Portable Station” finds necessary information for you by extracting particles of aura from landscapes and snatches of random conversations. Wherever you look, you see luminous boxes and priests wrapped in some black sheets; going to slow you take the risk of becoming an object of aggression for some cultist mobsters, but is the only possible way to concentrate. To find the truth. To reveal the secrets of Armageddopolis.


We met each other in 2007 at a concert of "Epidemiya" band and immediately realized that our mission was to make adventure games. The name "Team R" was taken over by Jessy and James, so we decided to call ourselves Team Mariupolis. We are like ice and fire. Earth and sky. The gnome and the amazon. Humanitarian rats and lovers of cheap coffee, which is sold in cigarette kiosks for 5.50.

In 2018, we completed the game Dark Grim Mariupolis, which was about the everyday life of a robot detective in an alternative ancient Greece. Immediately after that, we started to work on the game Songs Of Armageddopolis, which also tells a detective story, but at the same time is not at all similar to our previous game, as it concentrates on other topics. A bird that has spent all its life in a cage spreads its wings as soon as it feels the first breath of the spring wind.