Kefir Excellence Award

Kefir invests in the most promising Indie Cup teams

Kefir studio has come a long way, transitioning from indie to blockbuster development. Today, the studio supports smaller teams and helps them find their place in the games industry. As part of the Indie Cup S'21, studio representatives are also looking after interesting projects.

Kefir Excellence Award is a chance for the most talented participants to make a name for themselves and get support in the development of their game, regardless of the platform, genre or the final jury ratings.

Included in the Kefir special prize

Full funding of the project

Kefir will provide financial support to your team, which will help you improve the quality of your project

Development support

Kefir's experienced developers will be happy to come to your aid with their advice, feedback and resources.

Marketing support

The studio's PR department will make sure that millions of players from all over the world will hear about your project

Long-term collaboration

Kefir invests in potential partners and will support your future projects

Kefir — we make games

Kefir is a game development studio famous for its hits Last Day on Earth, Grim Soul, Frostborn, and others. Our flagship projects take top positions in many countries all over the world, as evidenced by a quarter of a billion downloads. We make games because we are gamers. We set challenging tasks and create games we'd like to play ourselves. We are looking for people who live for games. Only true love for what you do creates a great project.