About Indie Cup

Twice a year we invite industry professionals to evaluate hundreds of innovative games and select the best of them.

Indie Cup is the largest independent game developers competition in Eastern Europe. In the last four years we have received more than nine hundred submissions from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. 60 teams became winners in different Indie Cup categories. Participating in Indie Cup helped them find publishers and partners, and some teams have already released their game as a result.

Believe in the game you're working on? Our goal is to support your idea.

What to expect?

Indie Cup is a fully online event. You can follow submissions and awards on our website or social media feeds.

Winners receive prizes from our partners and tickets to professional industry events. Nominees get feedback from experienced games developers. Most importantly, all Indie Cup participants have a chance to introduce themselves to publishers and attract new players.

How to participate?

1. Read our rules. Most questions are answered in this section, including how the submissions are accepted and evaluated.

2. Fill out the short from и запишитесь на следующий сезон.

Still have a question?

Take a look at the FAQ or reach out to us directly on Facebook, VK or [email protected].