Project Introduction

He killed a man by negligence. She was a witness. Fearing responsibility, Alexander hides all traces of his crime and persuades the girl to remain silent about what she saw. However, in turn, she asks Alexander to help her solve her own problems.
At first, this seems like a good deal to Alexander, but later on things went all wrong.

The gameplay consists of classic point&click adventure puzzles combined with dramatic plot twists that will send you on an emotional roller coaster ride from sympathy to hate.

About Developer

My name is Anatolii Koval, I am a solo developer, although I go by the name Anate Studio (I plan to lead a small game development studio sometime in the future).

I have been creating 2D adventures since 2011. During this time I created four games. They all have a common feature - they have a dramatic deep social plot. Also, the plots of these games take place in the same universe and have one or several common characters. At the same time, the player does not need to be familiar with all the games in order to understand each individual game. Each story is a self-contained adventure.

I am engaged in development with full enthusiasm in my free time from the main job. Game design, programming, art, everything, except music, I create myself.
The games do not specify where exactly the events take place, but from some details, you can understand that this is a Ukrainian city in the 90s. Each game has a Ukrainian localization. The last game also received full Ukrainian voice over.