Project Introduction

Relax, catch the retro vibe and watch your income grow in the STONKS-9800 text game.

- Buy stocks, get dividends, keep an eye on the stock price;
- Your actions affect the market;
- Monitor your health and do not overwork to avoid going to the hospital (and not only in the game!);
- Solve many problems that arise on the way to wealth;
- Buy yourself real estate and cars to increase your own comfort and future profits;
- Manage the company, having a controlling stake;
- Earn not only legal ways;
- Mini-games: pachinko and betting on horse racing;
- Many other opportunities and unexpected situations await you in STONKS-9800.

About Developer

I'm a solo developer from Ukraine, I've been making games since school, I released my first commercial game in December 2015. I mostly make games with anime style.