Project Introduction

Сore Gameplay
A team of up to 4 players in the role of Pixies must find and steal Dreams while not getting caught by the evil Nightmare (NPC) patrolling the level. Players have to steal all Dreams within a limited time to get the highest three-star reward. To steal the Dream player should bring it to the magic pouch located near the spawn point.

- Pixie Curses and Ghost Abilities
During the game, players receive up to three curses. Curses randomly activate and can freeze, obscure the view, push in unexpected directions, or interfere with players and their teammates in other ways. The Nightmare also gains up to three random abilities and becomes even more dangerous by the end of the game.

Pixies travel through time and space via magic portals, searching Dreams seized by Nightmare. Each level has its setting and, in addition to general mechanics, its own embedded level-based mechanics that suit the theme and provide unique gameplay.

The story is told via short in-game cinematics between levels, introducing the characters and their personalities, habits, and motives.

To create long-term goals for players, unlocking each next level requires a certain number of stars.
It creates a storyline progression and encourages players to increase the number of stars earned per level.

Competitive Mode is played by two teams of 2 to 4 players in each. Besides dealing with curses, hiding and running away from an evil Nightmare, players can do dirty tricks on opponents and rob them.
The first team to steal more Dreams wins.

Players can create custom levels by placing platforms, POIs, triggers and locks in a similar way Fortnite is doing it.

Players can customize Pixie to give it a unique look and distinguish it from other players by changing body skin, eyes & mimic, animation & poses and teleport/respawn effect. Players unlock vanity items for customization through gameplay or purchase for hard currency.

About Developer

Independent game studio founded in 2020 by Ukrainian game industry professionals, focused on creating genre-defining multiplayer games with competitive mastery, original IPs, and mass-audience appeal