Project Introduction

The game will have several game modes.
The main ones are the story campaign and the Payday mode (working name, mb change it latter).

Story campaign.
Here u are the head of the mouse family. Unfortunately, your house is about to be demolished, so you need to take your big family on an adventure to find a new home.

Payday mode.
In this mode, you will be able to play alone or with your friend, as it is planned to support cooperative up to 2 players.
The player chooses one of the available levels and must use the mouse to find food and bring it to his lair. The player will be hindered by a man, various animals and bugs controlled by AI. However, the main enemy will be a man.
A person can not only hit or throw objects at a mouse, but also take food from the mouse and hide it again.

The player can go through the levels in this mode as he likes. Stealth? Try it! Want some action? Receive!
A man lives his life until he sees you. He does the usual things: sleep, exercises, breakfast, newspaper and even the toilet!
Food and other items will spawn in random places so the player can't remember where to find it. Food also has several types, which are divided into large and small food. A small food gives the player 10 points, and a large one - 50. To complete the level, the player needs to collect 100 points.
All points can be spent in the store to customize your mouse.

I Am Mouse is in some sense planned as a game-service.
If it will be successful, I plan to add new modes:
- Trials of the Abandoned House: player finds himself in an abandoned house, where he will face various trials that will trying to prevent him from reaching the finish line.
- Mouse vs. Man: coop mode when one player takes role of the mouse and other takes role of the man. The mouse must find food and bring it to the burrow, and at the same time the man must interfere with the mouse in any way.
And other.
I am also considering the possibility of increasing the support of players in cooperative modes up to 4.

About Developer

I'm a solo developer from Ukraine, Cherkasy region.
I have always loved playing games, collecting them, dreaming of making my own game.

I Am Mouse is my first big game. Before that, I released one small game on Steam to discover for myself the Steam Partner Panel and Steamworks.
At this time, I Am Mouse has been in development about two years.