Project Introduction

Frantic Construction is an unusual platformer in which the player is offered to play for different elements of structures and buildings. They can have different size, movement speed, jump height and some special parameters. The player's goal is to put each element in its place, using these features, as well as the environment, which can change the rules of the game, both on different levels and within one. And, of course, without forgetting about other elements with all their peculiarities.
The game will also implement mechanisms of secret keys, which increase the number of unlocked levels, and the possibility of non-linear progress. And the mechanism of hidden levels, which can be found by leaving the boundaries of the main location.

About Developer

My name is Artur Avramenko. I am a citizen of Ukraine. Originally from the infamous city of Sloviansk. After the start of the hot phase of Russia's war against Ukraine, I was forced to move to the Kirovohrad region. I dreamed of writing a game for a long time, but my ideas were always too ambitious, so I couldn't implement them. The current project appeared, one might say, by accident. When testing the game engine, I did not have a normal character model, so a brick block played its role. With which I began to jump over other brick blocks. The same thrash came out, but, unexpectedly, it was fun. And this, as you know, is the main criterion of a good game. So I decided to refine the idea. And the first results are already in front of you.