Project Introduction

This is a first-person shooter (FPS) game with elements of horror, where you need to explore the entire house (and more) to find items that will help you escape from the evil neighbor. The game adds complexity by having the evil neighbor not stay in one place; he moves around the house and reacts to noise. Not all doors are open, and not all items are readily visible, so you need to carefully search every corner. There's variability in the gameplay, as the items won't be in the same place in each session, and you can escape in different ways.

About Developer

I possess 10 years of experience in app and game development, coupled with a profound understanding of the 3D field. Operating as an independent developer, I specialize in transforming concepts into fully realized projects. With a comprehensive skill set that aligns perfectly with project objectives, I function as a compact indie team all on my own. This includes roles such as developer, 3D artist, 2D artist, business analyst, project manager, animator, QA tester, and market publisher.