Soul Forge

Indie studio "Emir"

A classic RPG with seven character classes, an open world and parkour elements
(climbing walls, blocks and so on-interactive interaction with the outside world and with
objects (drag, put on top of each other, destroy)). The main resource in the game is the
essence of the soul, this resource will be melted in the demonic furnace, and already in
the soul forge it will be spent on improving the character, forging the soul. Essence is
obtained from enemies of different quality, clothing will give abuse and magical effects,
it will either have to be obtained from enemies or forged on its own. In addition to the
classic pumping of characters, the possibility of various kinds of variations of its
specialization is laid.

In addition to the usual tasks, there will be integrative tasks that present a specific
task for the player, for example, to get to the chest, you need to bring the blocks,
fold them in a certain way and climb up to get a reward, he will have to think of
this himself. The main storyline develops in the "Forge of the Soul", the afterlife,
where the main task is to cleanse the seven deadly sins, they will be embodied in
seven bosses. The soul will have seme auras from each sin, which will give one
positive effect and one negative effect, the influence of the negative effect
can be compensated for with the help of skills and soul forging.

There will also be four planets (four horsemen of the apocalypse, which revolve
around the Forge of the Soul and when they are visible, they will strengthen or
weaken equally the character and his enemies (seasonal modifiers). The final of
the game is a battle with the guardian of the gate of the creator, who will have all
skills of the seven deadly sins.

About Developer

Hello everyone. We are a young indie studio taking the first steps in the development of the gaming industry. My name is Eugene, (pseudonym Eric), I am the founder of the project, I am engaged in logic, location design and mechanics in the game. In addition to me, the team has a 3D Artist Rostislav (pseudonym Kensey) and Mikhail, who deals with materials for environmental objects.

I have always wanted to be involved in the gaming industry, not only as a player, but also as a creator of game content. As they say, the time has come. Acquaintance with the gaming industry began with studying the Unreal Engine and continues to this day with varying degrees of success. I was influenced by Blizzard products.

The idea of ​​the game arose a year ago, based on the concept of the seven deadly sins of the soul, on the basis of it the whole storyline is built.