Project Introduction

Unplug is a 3D semi-isometric Puzzle adventure game with platforming elements and a focus on exploration.

You play as Unit, a little TV robot that can connect themselves to anything with a plug. They were originally built as a propaganda machine, but they have been repaired to have free will. Unit can also move around and jump short distances.

The game will have the player exploring a city that has seen plenty of turmoil and decay, now lying seemingly abandoned. Its halls and streets are covered in implications of a violent history, and of the way robots like Unit were used to oppress its citizens.

Gameplay Features
- Unit can plug into robot bodies found around the world and control them. Robot bodies allow Unit to do new things

- At any time, Unit can Unplug from robots or other machines to launch themselves over longer instances. This allows the player to cross otherwise inaccessible areas.

- Robot bodies can be used to solve puzzles and problems. For example, they can be left pressing buttons that open new paths, break through walls and swim on bodies of water. There are several different bodies to play with, each with their own unique interactions and attributes. The final game will include many more.

- Unit can plug into many other machines in the world, allowing them to interact with the environment in surprising ways such as turning Unit’s screen into a usable computer monitor, a projector that makes Unit shoot images on walls from their screen or special machines that help activate certain objects in a given level.

About Developer

Our team was formed as part of the Independent Video Game Design (IVGD) program at Dawson College here in Montreal!

We're a team of 5 with big aspirations! This project stemmed from an initial student project, which was part of Indie Cup 2021, and received a nomination for Critic's Choice Award! This summer we finished our program, and are now on the road to create our first game as a company! Here's a rundown of the team:

Juan Osorio - Artist, Producer and Designer
Juan is an experienced graphic artist with five years of experience leading QA departments. He contributed coordination, game design, level design, Art direction, 3D art, animation and environmental art for Unplug and documented the game's mechanics in carefully illustrated game design blueprint.

Carl Boisvert - Lead Programmer and Designer
Carl has worked as a backend developer for 10 years and now works as a backend/unreal developer for Norsfell. In the team, he acts as a lead developer and focuses on the overall game architecture and systems.

Emma Khoury - Environment Artist, Concept Artist and Designer
Emma is a versatile artist who has studied photography and filmmaking. She then pursued animation studies at Laval University all while experimenting with game development as a means of visual storytelling. Currently, Emma contributes to our team as an environment artist and concept artist.

Charles-Antoine Solis - Lead Designer, Level Designer and Audio Lead
Charles-Antoine works in both game development and the music industry. He performs as an artist and musician with some of the best musical ensemble in the province. As a developer, Charles-Antoine takes on the roles of game and level designer, but also works as audio director and sound designer due to his deep experience in the field of music performance, recording and creation.

Émeric Coudé - Gameplay Programmer, Lighting Artist and Designer
Émeric ventured into the game development industry following his background in photography. He started out as an FQA tester and simultaneously self-learned the Unity engine. He formalized his training in the IVGD program at Dawson College, where he collaborated on various projects, including the demo for Unplug, where he now contributes as a programmer and lighting artist. His expertise also extends to his role as a gameplay programmer with Artifact 5, where his current project involves mobile and networking elements.