Project Introduction

Times & Galaxy is a colourful narrative adventure game about a fictional solar system as seen through the eyes of an intrepid but green (and robotic) intern reporter. The writers at Copychaser spent years working as journalists before entering the games industry and have a deep love of local journalism and the connections it creates in communities around the world. Their previous game was the acclaimed "Speed Dating for Ghosts".

The core development team at Copychaser also have extensive AAA experience, having worked in the writing teams for Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, amongst others. Whilst working those games, the team at Copychaser saw how players loved the relationships between characters as much as, or even more than the combat and adventure, and so the core basis for Times & Galaxy was born. It's a truly unique adventure game where you can step into the metal boots of the first-ever robo reporter. Chase down leads, break system-rocking news, get quotes, make friends (or enemies), eat a dirt pie! It's your solar system to explore, your story to tell and your job on the line, intern.

You do actual journalism in the game, the implementation of which is authentic given the development team's background and also a unique mechanic that's not really present in other games. Whilst out on assignment, you will interview subjects and gather clues, from which you'll then build and submit a story.

The more thorough you are, the more options you will have for the game's unique Build-a-Story™ tool, which will also let you choose how to position the story, whether it's a hard-hitting expose, or tabloid hyperbole. Ultimately, your choices will impact how your editors, and the readers will react to the story, and over time, will begin

We would encourage the judges to play around with this mechanic to see what sort of story permutations they can come up with.

It is important to note that this is not a journalism simulator, like most other games that tackle this subject. Times & Galaxy is a narrative adventure first and foremost - where you do journalism as a core mechanic - with a Sitcom / Saturday Morning Cartoon feel.

In-between missions, you'll also get to explore the Scanner, which is is more than just a newsroom. The Scanner is where you sleep, eat, work and relax - a large explorable hub where you'll get to engage with casual tasks and get to know a diverse and colorful crew including your fellow reporters, the editorial staff, pilots and ship's crew. Including those abord the Scanner, there will be around 100 NPCs to get to know in the final game.

About Developer

Alberta-based indie studio Copychaser Games Inc. was founded in 2017 by Ben Gelinas, a former newspaper reporter who has spent the past decade working in AAA and indie game development.

Copychaser’s specialty is unique, inclusive games with branching narratives and memorable characters. Every Copychaser game puts the player at the center of an eccentric and immersive story unlike any they’ve ever played.

In 2018, Copychaser released the death-positive, wholesome horror game Speed Dating for Ghosts (SDFG) to wide acclaim. Since then they’ve been working hard on Times & Galaxy, bringing together a bigger team of collaborators and gaining support from the Canadian Media Fund and indie label, Fellow Traveller.