Project Introduction

In a competitive race for riches, ally yourself with one of two enemy raiding crews hurtling toward the most dangerous planet in the galaxy, Drosera. Your battleground in this exhilarating third-person, action-adventure is a carnivorous alien planet with a vicious bite! There’s only one reason to risk your life on Drosera – the lucrative resource called Nectar.

Blending elements of PvPvE and competitive questing, NO LOVE LOST takes you on an adventure where you’ll race on hoverboards and dodge perilous dangers as you battle to bring back the most Nectar. When night falls and the real monsters come out, get back on your extraction ship stat or be left behind to become one with the planet forever!

NO LOVE LOST offers a unique take on present, popular multiplayer games, offering gameplay that leans into both PvP and PvE. This means that gamers who enjoy either or will find something to love about their time Raiding on Drosera. The mechanics (such as hoverboarding, fighting and harvesting Nectar) were all designed with simplicity in mind, making it an easy-to-learn game for new and seasoned players – but make no mistake – the race to collect Nectar is far from easy!

About Developer

Ratloop Games Canada is an indie game development studio located in Montreal, Canada. We are an experienced team of 15 developers and NO LOVE LOST, our upcoming PvPvE extraction game, is our third title. We’ve previously released VROOM KABOOM (2018) and LEMNIS GAME (2021). Our goal when it comes to developing a game is to innovate and push the multiplayer experience to its limits.