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Celebrating upcoming Unreal Engine indie games with awards & prizes

Unreal Engine Award

Established at Indie Cup in 2017, the Unreal Engine Award recognizes outstanding indie game projects built with Unreal Engine.

Games submitted for this category are judged by an independent jury panel, which icnludes members of the Unreal Engine team and expert Unreal Engine developers.

Spotlight Award

Talented teams and individuals also get a chance to receive the special Spotlight Award.

Recipient of the Award is hand-picked by members of the Unreal Engine team. It is always different from the Unreal Engine Award winner.


Winners in both categories receive powerful RTX 30-series graphic cards from our partners at Unreal Engine. Voting results in both categories are announced at the end of the season.

What makes Unreal Engine a perfect fit for indie game developers

  • Learn easily and at your own pace
  • Unreal Engine is welcoming to beginners, with visual scripting that requires no coding experience. Plus, Unreal Online Learning is free!

  • Build games for any genre and art style
  • From action adventures to whimsical narratives, whether photoreal or stylized, your creativity with Unreal Engine is limitless.

  • Access thousands of free assets and starter content
  • Tap into an expansive library of free, high-quality content from Epic to stand up your game and find the fun quickly.

  • Keep going with the Unreal Engine Marketplace
  • Get your game even closer to the finish line with help from the creator community, whether you need content, Blueprints, or code plugins.

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    Essential resources for developers

    Unreal Engine 5 Now Available

    Jump into the bleeding edge of game development with Unreal Engine 5, the world’s most advanced toolset for building 3D content.

    Explore new features and workflows. Enjoy a redesigned Unreal Editor, better performance, improved real-time rendering, new open world toolset, and much more. Experience major new features like Lumen and Nanite.

    To get started, download one of two sample projects via the button below. You will need to have the Epic Games launcher installed on your PC.

    Download Unreal Engine 5

    Unreal Engine Marketplace

    Browse paid and free assets from the worldwide Unreal Engine community.

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    Unreal Indies

    Every valuable resource for releasing your next Unreal Engine indie project in one place.

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    Developer Interviews

    Get inspired with the latest conversations with amazing Unreal Engine creators.

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    Meetups & Events

    Connect with the Unreal Engine community from around the world at various online and offile developer events.

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    Fund your next amazing idea with Epic MegaGrants

    Epic Games has commited $100 million to support developers, artists and other creators building Unreal Engine experiences.

    If you are working on an Unreal Engine game or if you want to transition your project to Unreal Engine, Epic MegaGrants gives you an opportunity to earn a financial grant to ensure your success.

    Grants range from $5,000 to $500,000. You can request the amount of funding that your project needs and decide yourself how that money will be spent. If your game is selected to receive an Epic MegaGrant, you will be continue to own the project’s IP and distribution rights.

    Interested in applying for an Epic MegaGrant? You can fill out the application form by clicking the button below.

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