Project Introduction

"Zero Losses" is a first-person open-world horror driving game inspired by the events of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

You step into the boots of a contract serviceman in a support battalion, not directly engaged in frontline combat but vital for the supply chain behind it. While your comrades are "defending" the Motherland by pushing its borders, you follow their path, arriving at the occupied scorched earth. Behind the wheel of a truck, you navigate the desolate streets of destroyed villages and towns, meticulously avoiding explosion craters while the hollow remains of shattered windows watch your every move.

You aren't in the midst of the fiery chaos of war; you're the one who sustains it. At times, you transport ammunition or fuel, other times you manage medical and humanitarian aid, and sometimes you carry the bodies. War demands more than just combat; it requires a different kind of effort.

Distinct from most war-related games, "Zero Losses" isn't an action-packed experience. It's a slow-paced, surreal road trip through the apocalypse unfolding before your eyes and inevitably involving you. This game doesn't focus on violence but instead introduces you to the consequences of it.

About Developer

Marevo Collective is a small group of Ukrainian indie developers consisting of six individuals. Together, we focus on experimental projects with an emphasis on eerie atmosphere and retro aesthetics. Since the onset of the full-scale invasion, we decided to "freeze" the project we were working on and began developing Zero Losses.

Perhaps you've heard of our previous release - No One Lives Under The Lighthouse (Indie Cup 2020 nominee).