Project Introduction

Dive into the captivating world of treasure hunting!

We offer you a unique treasure hunting simulator with an open world and an exciting storyline based on real events.

Treasure Hunter is a metal detector search simulator with a plethora of amusing quests and an engaging storyline. Players take on the role of treasure hunters who embark on an adventure in the picturesque area of the ancient 'Monastery Settlements' - a location with a legendary history. The local population is friendly, reasonably cunning, and well-versed in local stories and rumors. As you travel through the open world, you'll need to complete various quests and meet numerous unique characters.

Thousands of treasures lie hidden underground (over 250,000 items).

The findings are replicas of real-world artifacts. All the findings actually exist in the real world, each with a true history behind it!

A unique metal detecting experience! Made and developed by real diggers.

The game features a shop that can help you upgrade your equipment, thereby increasing your treasure hunting efficiency. Assist the locals in fulfilling their tasks, earn rewards, upgrade your gear, explore interesting locations, and discover rare findings. It's an open world, and it's up to you to decide where to go!

Explore the vast open world. The extensive territory of the 'Monastery Settlements' won't give your feet a break. It's best to find a vehicle if you don't want to wear out your feet.

About Developer

We are a small team of indie game developers from Ukraine, striving to create unique and captivating games. We believe that games are more than just disguised slot machines optimized solely for profit.