Project Introduction

Timeloop: Sink Again Beach is a first person action quest.

Jack sails to Death Island to scatter his friend's ashes. Immediately upon arrival, he understands that he will not be able to get away from this island so easily. The only ferryman who knows the local reef was killed.
Jack finds a way to travel through time in one day.

The game is played within 2-4 hours. Of which 40 minutes are cutscenes. The game has full voice acting in English and Ukrainian languages. Ukrainian is canonical.

The main idea of ​​the game is to simulate time travel. Returning at the same time, you begin to exist simultaneously with yourself from the past or the future. At the same time, the main time paradoxes have been resolved at the level of game mechanics.
You, as a player, need to decide for yourself in what sequence to interact with space and time. The plot is presented non-linearly.

About Developer

My name is Philip. I grew up in Zaporozhye, but for the last 1.5 years I have been living in Kremenchug. I can say the only developer on the team. In game development for over 10 years. This is more of my hobby than my job.
My brother Artyom made a very big contribution to my game. He is a cg artist. 2 years ago, he released his game on Steam called Sink again in the top-down turn-based tactics genre. Almost all the graphics in my game are taken from his project. Therefore, his contribution is very high, although in Timeloop he played almost nothing about her without knowing.

In the spring of 2022, I decided to make a game, the concept of which I came up with 3 years ago. It was interesting to implement a simulation of time travel. I really love science fiction and various logical paradoxes.

The game has Ukrainian localization including full-fledged voice acting by professional actors (Ukrainian voices of Margot Robbie, Harry Potter and other actors and characters). This is my first experience in story games and professional voice acting.