Project Introduction

You'll spend a few nights in the oppressive atmosphere of the gloomy, deserted corridors and classrooms. Carefully monitor the safety of your shelter, solving puzzles and responding to the challenge of otherworldly forces. Counter your wit and haste with frightening surprises. And finally, try to find out what caused the transformation of an ordinary school in a quiet small town into a realm of cruelty, pain, and suffering.
Together with four friends, you'll go on an exciting, elaborate story. You can choose a strategy to fight the otherworldly inhabitants of the darkness of abandoned classes. Your vigilance and attentiveness will be tested by unexpected challenges of the original game mechanic and sudden attacks of creepy creatures. And for every night you survive, you'll be rewarded with story advancement and new challenges.

About Developer

ARMAG is an independent producer of video games, founded in early 2019 and located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We love the horror genre, creating atmosphere and suspense is very important for this. An interesting script and elaboration of details play an important role in the storyline. The musical component plays a big role, in helping the players immerse themselves in the story as much as possible. Our task is to give the user what he is looking for, entertainment. Our goal is to show that indie developers from Ukraine can compete and make good and high-quality projects.