Project Introduction

Through the Nightmares is an atmospheric action-platformer. The game takes place in the world of dreams. You play the role of the Sandman, whose goal is to rescue children from the trap of their own nightmares. As you progress through the game, you will discover more about each child and the nature of their fears. The items found on each level will appear in the child's room, making the experience more personal. In addition to the child's fears, you will also face the god of nightmares, Morpheus, who has a personal motivation to prevent the children from waking up.

* Immerse yourself in the magical world of childhood nightmares. 45 levels, divided into 3 chapters, filled with challenges and atmospheric locations, assembled and detailed by hand, are waiting for you. Every child's dream is a unique universe. Don't let kids get stuck in dreams, help them overcome their fears!
* Learn how to combine Sandman's unique abilities, such as changing in size to slip through tight spaces that others cannot. But the only way to really discover the ability is to study how the mechanics of the surrounding world react to its use;
* Pick up a flask containing magical sand and place it wherever you want. This will allow you to resurrect three times at that location, preventing you from starting the level from the beginning after each death (and there will be many of them);
* Interact with the environment. A lot of mechanics are designed to push the player to use already familiar abilities in new ways, changing the gameplay and forcing them to experiment;
* Find secrets! The nightmare world is filled with mysteries, and the destruction of obstacles will allow you to access shortcuts that simplify (and sometimes complicate) the passage of the level;
* Listen to the rhythm to choose the proper timing. Most of the environmental mechanics in Through the Nightmares work in time with the music’s beats, so all you need to do is let the rhythm guide you.

* You have to learn how to combine mechanics to survive. The shrinking mechanic not only allows you to get into hard-to-reach places, but also affects the physical features of the hero, creating many unique gameplay situations.
* With the help of a hit, you can break platforms, opening initially closed paths and alternative routes. All changes on levels are not reset upon death.
* Many environment mechanics react to the Sandman's abilities. Figure out how to use them to your advantage to get out of the nightmare.
* You don't have to spend hundreds of attempts to replay already learned parts of the levels after each death. A checkpoint flask will help you! You just need to find it on the level, catch it, and place it anywhere you like!
* Your gaming skills play an important role. Through The Nightmares is an action game that is all about constant improvement. After dying, use the knowledge gained to get closer to the finish line step by step.

The game consists of three chapter-dreams, each one telling the story of an individual child. The dreams of each child are atmospheric locations with unique setting, manually filled with a large number of details. All dreams are different, just as the children are: everyone has their own hobbies, impressions, and fears.
You have to stay overnight in a gloomy forest, explore the depths of space, and visit the era of knights. However, you will not be able to enjoy the moment, as everything around will try to kill you.

Everything in the world of dreams, both enemies and ordinary objects, will be set against you. Just one touch of childish fear is enough to kill the main character, so be careful!

Defeat the almighty Morpheus! Die, resurrect, learn from mistakes and try again!

About Developer

We are a team of four friends from Ukraine who are making their debut project Through the Nightmares.