The Silent Huntress


The story takes place in the universe of "Unroaded": you will meet familiar characters and learn more about their lives and the historical events of the universe. (The order of the games' walkthrough is not important.)
The novel has three main endings and many of their variations. Also, during the story, the protagonist can find love: if you pay attention to your allies, some of them can give you their hearts: a young girl and a young man.
"The Silent Huntress" is an introvert story about struggling with personal trauma from the past. Not only the development of events will depend on your choices, but also the conclusions that the main character makes about her life and the world around her.

About Developer

I'm a beginner solo game developer with a small audience. All my life I dreamed of three things at once: to make up stories, to draw and to make games. The visual novel format suited me, even though what I do is very different from the original (Japanese) visual novels. My favorite genres are: dark fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, I'm also fond of steampunk; several projects are currently under development, each in the named genre. Some of my ideas were inspired by Ukrainian folklore, and I want to explore it in more detail in the future.
I hope that I will be able to implement everything I have in mind, and that you will enjoy spending time playing my games!