Project Introduction

Heal the Tree: restore the life support systems, put in order the ecosystem of the Tree
Keep the House: repair, clean up the rooms, remove all signs of decay
Explore the place: find the paths, open secret rooms, collect memories, restore the stories
Conversation: non-verbal only, tips, tricks, and quests from NPC
Find hidden objects, Solve puzzles

About Developer

4More Games is a team of Ukrainian indie developers:
Kateryna Pagno is a game designer, as well as a journalist and the author of several books
Natalya Chernobryvets is a 2D artist who switched to game development from book illustration
Kateryna Babych - perfect and hardworking 3D artist,
Nazar Pinonzhyk is a programmer who works with Unity/C# and Android with equal success
The game "Hovanets" is based on the folklore of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The tales and myths of this region are the basis of the stories behind the plot of the game. Folk arts and crafts are the main reference for the visual part of the game.