Project Introduction

Welcome to the world of cable chaos!

In this puzzle game you are the IT company's savior, the one and only cable guy.
Your mission is to navigate through a procedurally generated maze of tangled wires and connect all the users to their servers in the corporate network.
In an ever changing office environment you'll have a ton of cables and other nifty tools to help you keep your job and everyone from losing their cool.

Use every tool at your disposal to maintain connectivity of your company's network
With procedurally generated map layout every game is a unique puzzle to solve
Play at your speed - with different difficulty modes you can either relax and chill or face the challenge of hectic problem-solving with constantly rising demand and complexity of the network
Compete with others for the top place on the leaderboard
Control the flow of the game with random events
Enjoy minimalistic colorful art style quirky animations of idle workers and wonderful soundtrack

About Developer

We are team of people who love games and want to make their own. We often participate in Ukrainian and global game jams and admire indie scene. We love to crate new worlds with our own hands.