Project Introduction

A young engineer lives with his girlfriend in a rented apartment and plans to move into his own apartment soon. Everything would be fine, but one day, returning home from work, the guy notices his girlfriend on the corner of a neighboring house. A sharp attack of jealousy makes the guy think that the girl has found a lover and he decides to follow her.

1. Control a drone - using a drone with a video camera, you can quietly fly into apartments with open windows and explore many inaccessible places, penetrate unnoticed into narrow ventilation ducts, pipes, eavesdrop on people’s conversations through windows and spy on them. You can use the claw on your drone to collect items.

2. Search for objects - find various objects. They can contain information, help solve puzzles, or serve as resources. Some findings can be very useful. Also collect collectibles.

3. Exploration of the world - many objects tell the story of the game world. Look around carefully to understand more about what is happening. Explore various objects and places, look into secluded corners and study information about each find.

4. Resource management - use money and other items to achieve your goals. Keep track of the drone's condition and resources that can be exchanged for services, money or other useful items.

5. Influence on the world - your actions determine how the plot and the world around you will develop. Interact with the environment, help characters and make decisions that affect the game world.

About Developer

Games4Wonders is a Ukrainian indie studio founded in 2019. We have been working with Unreal Engine technology since 2014 and have released numerous projects at different game development studios. With our extensive experience in developing using the Unreal Engine, we have gained confidence in our ability to realize our own ideas that we wish to bring to the gaming and entertainment industry.