Project Introduction

Steam and Iron. Battle of Port-Arthur is a navy simulator. Actions take place during Russo-Japanese war near Port-Arthur. The game is about commanding a single ship of that era: torpedoboat, destroyer, gunboat, cruiser, or even battleship. Player is a commander of the ship and manages it by giving orders to his crew and also by using direct control.
The major attention in the game is given to navy actions supplemented by route planning and crew management routine operations. In the beginning of XX century artillery fire was the main method of destroying enemy ships so game focuses on it. Player is able to aim guns manually by adjusting aiming horizontally and vertically to achieve the best results. At the same time, there is the possibility to order artillery officer to fire guns while player can manage other important things. For example, repair damages or guide torpedo launchers.
Battle damages system includes a wide variety of ship parts. Like hull, engine, boiler, and rudder compartments, forward and rear bridges, smokestacks, and armory. The ship can be affected by flooding and fires. Crew members can be killed or wounded.

About Developer

The game is being developed by a programmer from Kyiv and a 3d artist from Zaporizhzhya for a couple of years as a hobby project. We are deeply interested in navy history and naval games. Unfortunately, there are a few simulators dedicated to this topic. These games are either complicated ones such as Silent Hunter or Naval Action or are simple arcades such as World of Warships.

Thus we have decided to make our own project that would accumulate all the best from everything existing now.

To start with we have chosen the relatively rare topic of the Russo-Japanese war. The experience gained during its creation will be used for our main project devoted to the Ukrainian navy of 1918-1920. That will be the campaign in an alternative history where the Ukrainian People's Republic fleet will fight against the bolsheviks in the Black Sea for the liberation of the Crimea peninsula.

We believe that the Ukrainian army and navy deserve high-quality games that will reveal the history of our Armed Forces to a wide range of players in Ukraine and the world.