Project Introduction

The gameplay is based on the basic principles of classic beatemups but with a modern twist. A lot of attention was paid to the physical behavior of enemy models so the player could have more control in the arena. The game incorporates such fighting mechanics as juggling, wall/floor bouncing, which, in my opinion, are usually insufficiantly presented in beatemups.

Brief plot description: the events take place in the fictional place called Limbo. This is a parallel world, where the restless souls come before they can finally rest in peace. However the ones unwilling to rest who stay in Limbo longer than supposed change with the time, their nature leaves an imprint on their appearance. The longer you stay in Limbo, the less human you get.
The newcomers are vulnerable, confused and defenseless before the old residents; their connection with the real world is not broken completely yet, and the fresh emotions attract the hungry residents. That is why newly arrived people are called Sparks.
This is how the profession of Sparkhunter appeared in Limbo; for an appropriate fee these daredevils are ready to go to the darkest places to meet and deliver the Spark to the customer, whole and intact.
You are Marcus, a hunter who has received another order, so let the Sparkhunt begin.

About Developer

I am a professional 3d Artist from Ukraine, I have been working in the game industry for more than eight years. So far, I have been working on this project myself for 7 months, my goal is to make a demo level with all core mechanics. After that, if the community is interested, I plan to look for a team and funding for a full-fledged project.