Project Introduction

Sparks - are what we hate and what we long for. They remind us of what we've lost and allow feeling alive again for a moment.

The hunt starts now! Explore the otherworld, meet the worst spawn of Limbo. Prove being the best spark hunter, be the first to reach your target.

Sparkhunt — is a classic 2.5D beat 'em up with a complex though intuitive combat system, as well as unique, stylized 3D graphics.

- A complex combat system allows controlling your enemies in multiple ways. Be the master of the arena.
- The enemies can't wait to challenge you. Different types of enemies require different approach, find their weaknesses and use them.
- Don't let them get you cornered, use the environment to defeat your enemies more efficiently.
- Various weapons will add more fun.

About Developer

Hi I'm Oleksandr from Ukraine. I have been working in game development as a 3d Artist for more than 9 years. I develop my own project in my free time.