Project Introduction

The story starts in deep space in the Cat’s Eye Nebula in the year 2077.
After system failure in "Betelgause - 1" - a spaceship jail that quantum engineer named Catto was prisoned and frozen 50 years ago, prisoners' capsules were depressurized, unfrozen, and opened. As a result, all prisoners escaped using a couple of jets that were in space ship hangar. Catto was the last one who woke up so he only one on the ship now. After the incident, he barely remembers anything about why he was prisoned. For a couple of years he lived alone on a ship, he created a way of communication with an illegal hub for mercenaries, modified a weapon that was on a sheep, and become a bounty hunter. The only way to survive was to capture criminals for a creditі, that he can use to survive.

The game is story-driven, but there are some game modes for challenging missions where players can find some loot and earn in-game money. Levels are built randomly, but there are some predefined rooms that exist on each level (secret treasures, boss rooms, etc.) Enemies and loot are randomly generated as well.
Each planet has a different day/night/weather/vegetation/enemies etc. and each time the player starts the game there is a new dimension and a completely new planet.

About Developer

Our goal is to develop high-quality indie games. We devote all our creativity and experience into this. It's not just a job to us. It's our passion.
*At the current stage, I Am working on the game independently, my colleague is helping me with the music.