Project Introduction

Before the game starts, you need to choose your corruptor. There are 7 of them in total, but only the first one will be available at the beginning. Others will need to be opened as you accumulate points.
After that, the actual gameplay begins. Our corruptor will have to run and jump over obstacles on his way. He's able to jump both: one jump and double jump. Gradually the level will speed up. And the background of the level will be changing from time to time. Also, various bonuses will appear during the game: money, diamonds, a golden loaf. All of them add the corresponding number of points. But more interesting bonus here is a gun. Because as soon as the corruptor picks it up, he can shoot at any obstacle and it will disappear. But everything has its price, because there is only one cartridge in a gun. So, he should be used wisely. The game over will be as soon as the corrupt official touches an obstacle. Or a victory if his score (not to be confused with the total score) is above 5000. In any case, the screen will show: win/loss window, the morality of game, and the number of points achieved for this attempt.
Due to the total number of points, you can unlock more characters and more locations.

About Developer

My name is Valentyn Troian. I am a solo game designer and developer. I graduated from the university with a master's degree as a programmer. I really love games and I wanna create them. My goal is to create games that everyone, including me, will enjoy playing. Well, and also create an MMO-RPG better than World of Warcraft :)
I think each of us would like to see how justice defeats the corrupt officials. On the background of the war in Ukraine, this request becomes even stronger. That's why this project, at least here, will help to implement it.