Project Introduction

Ringlorn Saga is an adventure RPG inspired by the Japanese PC classics. Prince Gerhard the Brave embarks on a journey to the neighboring land to investigate the appearance of a magic barrier that surrounds it and his father's disappearance.

* A short-but-sweet Action RPG that won't hold your hand nor waste your time
* Explore the world, find new gear and valuable items, and get stronger while fighting a variety of enemies
* Stumble upon hidden events and quests
* Simple but nuanced mechanics and controls
* 8-bit style visuals and sound inspired by MSX
* CRT filter for an authentic retro experience
* If you ever get lost, have a drink with the bard

About Developer

We are a group of like-minded individuals who explore various ideas, from new and original to old and forgotten. If triple-A studios are global fast-food joints and indie studios are smaller coffee shops that try to get by, then we are a curry joint that aims to leave a lasting impression -- the one that tastes like arson in your mouth.