Return the Backrooms


in my game you will have to wander through the maze collecting key items, during this time you will come across aggressive creatures that will chase you and possibly kill you or do something else.

Game items: key, pills, chalk, piece of soul (key item)
interesting AI that is developed on the system of vision and conditional prediction.
several types of monsters both standard zombie types and unique ones.
Shout System: A certain button in the game can be shouted to get your friend's attention if you're lost, but this action can attract more than just your friend's attention…
when the player is attacked, he doesn't die, he just falls and starts crawling for a few minutes, during this time he can't interact with items, but he can heal himself if he already has a first aid kit or call a friend for help

a very confusing and difficult maze that you can go crazy in, I specifically made it very difficult so that you can't stick to one wall and get somewhere, otherwise you will wander forever on this principle...

The main task of the game is to find all the pieces of the soul of the main monster and bring them to his statue, after which you can leave the maze
these souls sometimes whisper about salvation to everyone around, although they must be brought, but when they are in your hands, something terrible will happen to you...

About Developer

I am an indie developer from Ukraine, I live in the Lviv region!
I am primarily a programmer, but I also have all the other skills needed to develop...