Project Introduction

Puzzles for Clef is a relaxing adventure game focused on the eponymous heroine. Following a letter from her sister, Cres, our bunny friend Clef journeys to the island of her ancestors, to undertake a treasure hunt.. The journey will take her across a land of beauty, magic, and mystery, as she explores each of the island’s regions, solves its countless puzzles, unearths long-forgotten secrets, and rediscovers her family’s legacy.

The treasure hunt is a birthday gift from one sister to another. It’s an invitation to a world full of magic and mystery!
- Visit nine distinct regions, from a serene bamboo forest to an opulent floating castle.
- Each region has its own, distinct feel and secrets to discover!
- Every puzzle found in each zone aims to challenge your wit!

It’s not just Clef and Cres on the island. Many people make their home there, with personal quests they can share with Clef.
- Meet the Lord of the island and his associates!
- Many have memorable quests for Clef to accomplish.
- Find a variety of items dear to the locals throughout Clef’s travels.

The journey to give the bells back their voice is not a linear one. Clef will need your help.
- Dozens of puzzles and ciphers await to be solved.
- Each is designed to be logical and understandable.
- No pixel hunts or moon logic: every task is meant to be challenging yet relaxing, not frustrating!

The floating island is a place of mystery, wonder, and endless secrets.
- With each completion of the treasure hunt steps, secrets of the ancient island will slowly be revealed!
- Every secret might answer a question - but also unlock even more puzzles to complete.
- Discover the history of the island and Clef’s ancestry.

By the way, don’t worry about monsters or dangers. Cres would never put her sister’s life in danger.
- Clef is free to explore and experience the island at her leisure, breaks encouraged!
- Fret not about death or danger or recycled enemy types.
- It’s just a bunny and her puzzles.

About Developer

We are Weasel Token, an indie duo from Ukraine, artist/animator Anastasia Kuznetsova (Tay Elenberg), and programmer/game designer Alexander Molodkin (Gil4). We have been developing games together for 5 years, released a mobile puzzle Vitrail and several small games from game jams.