Project Introduction

3rd-person retro survival horror with fixed camera angles and retro-styled graphics.

Main features:

- immersion into a surreal and atmospheric reality
- fixed (aka cinematic) camera angles
- tank controls (modern-one will be available too)
- experience inspired by retro survival horrors: cryptic events, puzzles, mysterious story
- simulating early 2000s graphics (like cross-gen PS1/PS2 looks), but also using modern post-processing to boost the retro look with fancy effects


Attention citizens!

You arrived in Modern-City, the safest city on the Continent. Please enjoy your stay, but to make your evacuation process more comfortable follow the Instructions of the Administration and Sovereign Soldiers.

The Government of the Sovereign in the Nexus Tower and its' equipment provide protection against any release of dark energy of Re.Surs, therefore, to avoid an emergency, each newcomer must be screened for residual dark energy radiation. Please follow these instructions and have a very safe day!

During the screening process, you will discover:
- experience inspired by retro survival horror titles
- various riddles, cryptic and not-so-cryptic events
- immersion into a surreal and new reality

About Developer

Hey there, my name is Oleh, and I'm a one-man team at VidyGames!

I'm originally from Mariupol, but now I live in Kyiv.

I'm passionate about creating unique indie games that are as fun to play as they are to make.
It's great to meet you!