Project Introduction

"Humanity unites only on the brink of extinction. Over the past few centuries, the pursuit of profit has driven humanity to a technological race, resulting in the depletion of Earth's natural resources and environmental pollution. Rising temperatures and soil aridity have rapidly changed the planet's climate. Some regions suffered from constant droughts, while others were submerged due to rapid glacier melting. Fertile lands turned cold and snowy as warm currents disappeared. This led to internal wars over water and resources, massive migrations, and a sharp decline in the world's population.

When it became clear that the changes were irreversible, the World Government managed to unite and initiate the 'New Earth' project to organize an expedition to Mars. However, shortly after the first landing, it became clear that the Red Giant was unsuitable for the mass resettlement of Earthlings.

Humanity's last hope lies in 32 potentially habitable planets within a hundred light-years' distance, where research expeditions have been sent.

I hold the path to the Fifth planet of the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, which has seven Earth-like planets, four of which could become the new Earth. It is difficult for me to imagine the challenges that await us, but I hope that at least one of us will give humanity a new chance."

This is the backstory from which the player will begin to explore the gameplay of Pluntarum. Upon landing on the planet, the player hears an audio signal coming from a broken drone, which they can repair by finding enough spare parts. These parts, coincidentally, are located in the Refuge, a place where the ancient civilization that once inhabited TRAPPIST-1f preserved its legacy, including the DNA of plants and animals. Their dream was to restore the world they couldn't preserve, hoping that somewhere in the Universe, there might be a life form capable of doing so. By analyzing new technologies, searching for materials, and receiving assistance from Earth, the player can revive the first forms of vegetation or animals. They must continuously develop their base and generate energy for all the creation and cultivation processes.

When all the tasks on three locations are completed, our hero successfully completes the game. They can start again at a different difficulty level. The game doesn't end with one playthrough; it encourages players to replay by introducing various natural disasters and events that occur during base development. The player's choices can impact the success of their journey, and sometimes actions can have catastrophic consequences for one of the last hopes of humanity."

About Developer

Gamirare Inc is a Ukrainian indie studio that has brought together many enthusiasts to collaborate on a project. Each member of our team is a professional in their domain, dedicated to creating the best gameplay, the most engaging narratives, and ensuring high-quality visual and audio content. We focus on combining traditional gaming elements with innovative solutions that provide players with unforgettable gaming experiences.
All of our team members are Ukrainians, and some of them have had to leave their homes or country due to the full-scale invasion. However, this hasn't deterred them from continuing to work on the project and develop the idea.