Project Introduction

PaperWorld’s core mechanic is taking a sheet of paper, bending it like an origami figure and this figure magically transforms into playable animal that you can bring into the game, play with, solve various mysteries, explore mini games, and perform various actions on the map. Each animal is available as a fully grown animal and as a young pet, that may also vary by skin color. The game features a lot of mini-games, where you may play a memory game, catch the cute pets trying to escape the caves, swim in the river and trying to escape the hungry alligators or try to dig and find a hidden treasure on the map. You can also explore the little island that is your animal’s home and more than that you can upgrade the location to unlock more places of interest. Have fun, explore, play with your animal, unlock new animals, enjoy the origami bending and enjoy the game visuals. All of these are the core mechanics of our game, no violence and only lot of joy and relaxation, the game also features carefully written melodies that are unique to the PaperWorld only.

About Developer

Our studio has been established in 2015, from that moment we have always strived to make cool games, our goal was ambitious projects, but so far, unfortunately, we have not released major games, only one small project. We quickly realized that being an indie is extremely difficult, funding projects by ourselves takes money and time, enthusiasm quickly fades and development progresses more difficult. We had to start taking outsource works so that studio could exist. At the moment we are engaged in both outsourcing and our own projects. We would like to continue to focus on our projects, if the financial side allows. Working with clients is not always easy, so we strive for independence. We have been part of the Ukrainian indie community for a long time and have been blogging for a long time, you can read all this on our website and on various resources. We believe in indie and believe that indie games will change the world!