Project Introduction

"One More Day: Volunteer Sim" is a game about a Ukrainian who chose to stay and resist after 02/24/22.

It is an interactive story/resource management, where "everything has just gone awry" is a legit game mechanic.

Unexpected events may bring or take away money, physical or mental health. During this chaos, the player has to ensure their survival, then their new life, and probably go beyond helping their kin and neighbors.

The game doesn't have bad endings. Just surviving and keeping your psychic (relatively) intact is as good as rescuing the elephant from a shelled zoo, crowdfunding a UAV, or protecting your block with your annoying HOA head and random shady dudes. You may get lucky to have resources to help in one playthrough, will have to focus on mere survival under the heavy hits in the other, and pull the impossible trick and win the right to act in the third one.

About Developer

Tsebro Games is a studio created to help publish games about Ukraine and to benefit Ukraine.

One More Day is one of several projects currently in the works. Its team consists of developers, mostly from Ukrainian game studios, who have worked on The Sinking City, Sherlock: Chapter One, Cradle, and many other titles, from hypercasual games to AAA projects. The team also has newcomers in game development, but not in storytelling: the author of the "Cool History of Ukraine" book, which is currently published by Scholastic (USA), a children's illustrator who worked with a Ukrainian book about famous women "She Did It," etc.

Tsebro Games plans to help Ukrainian indie (and not only) developers further to release their games on international platforms, promote them and bring glory to themselves, their projects, and their country.