Project Introduction

Plotted in early 20th century before WW1, this half-fantasy story will look into national struggles in Central Europe though the eye of Oleksander Lytvynenko, a young man who tries to find his own identity among nations and languages.

■Classic rpg gaming: Explore linear story, collect items, engaging battles, enhance skills and characters, glimpse into the turbulence of European national history, and experience the social environment before the borders of the contemporary state took shape, struggle between instincts, humanitarian moral, political and national identities—— what leades to the birth of a contemproray nation?

■The 'Melt-away' system: Collect items, complete challenges, understand the story behind each character, unlock extra skills and characters, and makes the gameplay much easier!

■An all-original story based on real Eastern European history, with fully hand-drawn graphics, the story will be presented in a stylised form.

About Developer

【The_Hollow_Gateway】 Main developer
A Student of International Studies, an artist, a solo developer. From Shanghai.
Two essays done on Ukrainian history, stories related to Ukrainian history written.
Very, very lucky to have serveral Urkainian friends support me and co-work with me on my game project, and I wish to show the struggle and the spirit of Ukrainian language in history through my game. By writing a game based on academic resources, I wish to express a real, debate-arousing story to the Ukrainian gaming society.

Contributors of the first chapter: (Sort by the first letter)
【Aliks Ugniewska】Hired English Proofreader, kindly polished some of the details in story.
【Dmytro Tiurin】Hired Ukrainian translator
【Mykyta Ardelian】 Content support on Cossack's history
【Tarasako (Taras Kravchuk)】 Ukrainian translator & Content support on finding Ukrainian sources which is unavailable in English
【Vyvilha】 Content support on Ukrainian bestiary