Project Introduction

Oblivio Mortis is an isometric shooter set in a world where the Cold War never ended and humans have found salvation from death in the bodies of machines.

You play as one of the Soldiers of Death, whose mission is to bring humanity back to the natural order of things.

When exploring the world in a metroidvania format and completing story quests, the player will also face a deep combat system:

- The protagonist has a revolver with limited ammunition, which the player can reload by attacking enemies in melee combat.
- In addition to reloading, the player will also receive an effect for their bullets depending on the enemy they have attacked. For example, hitting an AOE enemy will cause the player to fire bullets that explode on contact with the surface.
- In addition, the player's bullets can bounce off enemies and other surfaces, creating a powerful chain of effects at the final point of the shot.

Our combat system philosophy:

- Players must make quick tactical decisions while keeping an eye on their arsenal and the enemies they face.
- BUT their arsenal is not a weapon wheel. It is an arena, and enemies themselves.

About Developer

At this stage, ZenoTurtle consists of 4 passionate gamers born in Ukraine.

Although Oblivio Mortis is our team's debut project, most of the team members have experience in game development.

Currently, the team is fully staffed with specialists and in the near future will be strengthened by new 3D artist.

We are working on the project in our spare time, and at the end of winter 2024 we plan to finish the Vertical Slice of the game and move into full development.

Since the team was created recently during GameDevCamp, we have not yet had time to make ourselves known in the broad Ukrainian indie community and hope that the Indie Cup will be our first step in this direction :)