Project Introduction

A little monster was born, but it was not ordinary. Unlike his brothers, he did not like living in hell and dreamed of escaping from there. One day, while walking through hell, he found a map, but not an ordinary map, it was a map of how to get to heaven. And at the same moment, he realized that his time had come, and taking his sword with him, he set off on his way. But the Lord of Hell himself found out about this and he ordered his servants to guard the exits, because no one can get out of Hell without the permission of the Lord.

In this game, there are two game modes for you - story and quick game.

In the story mode, you will have to help the little monster to collect all the keys to the door to get out of the possessions of the Lord of Hell, you will encounter various monsters and traps on your way, and after completing the level, the owner of the floor is waiting for you. There are a total of 9 levels and 9 different bosses in the game. Each boss has its own unique behavior mechanics.

In a fast-paced game, you are tasked with scoring as many points as possible, and you will encounter monsters and traps from all levels of the story game. Compete with your friends to get more points.

The game is controlled by rotating the phone screen (accelerometer).
Unique boss mechanics.
Lots of traps and monsters on your way
You can't delay, because the zone will get you and tear you to pieces

About Developer

Two brothers from Berdychev who decided to fill their free time with game development.