Project Introduction

The whole game is in the entourage of russia's invasion of Ukraine. (I hope the game will help more people to understand what it is).

The game is divided into unrelated scenarios. In each of which there will be a map and locations on it, on which the player can move freely (or not so freely).

The player will explore the locations. Find on them places of interest, various useful things, characters to talk to and quests.

Through quests the plot, characters and their stories are revealed. Stories that are related to the current war, how it affected them. After all, the war brought something different to everyone's life, it affected everyone differently, but it caught absolutely everyone. And even the events that were long before it now look completely different.
This is all revealed through quests, characters and their stories.

The core mechanics are consequences from decisions. It is realized, among other things, with the help of resources. The player has different resources, fatigue, hunger, shock, and awareness.
A particular action can check these resources and wear them out. And by memorizing the source of the resource, the player will always know what his decisions in the past led to current events.
(For example: a player can't lift a heavy item because his fatigue is high. And his fatigue is high because of past actions, decision 1, decision 2, etc).

In addition to that, there are items. Some of them can be a check item in different events, (different tools, pick hammers, etc.). They can also help the player in controlling resources, (food reduces hunger, energy reduces fatigue, etc.). There are items that are needed for quests or just for different events.
Items can be stored in inventory or container, they can be traded and exchanged.
Items can be used to cook different dishes, which give unique effects. These effects can be obtained not only through dishes, but also because of different player decisions.

Live world in which the time of day changes where every bush rustles and every nook whistles in the wind, help immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

All of the above, and more, should immerse the player deeper into the story that they create themselves and the consequences of their decisions.

About Developer

The whole team is me alone.

I'm just a regular guy from Dnipro. Since my childhood computer games have been what I like. Starting dendy (pirate NES), ps 1, ps 2 computer, my whole childhood was connected with games. And at some point (not without the help of the Igronavt (Ukrainian game show)) I decided to fully connect my life with games and become a developer.

I've always been impressed with indie development. Because of my weak computer, I mostly played indies before and I was completely absorbed by the awesomeness of this world. When a good game doesn't need millions of dollars and hundreds of people in a team. When sometimes a great idea and zeal is enough to make a truly masterpiece game.

I would like to bring glory to Ukrainian gamemade. To create something good, and for this I do everything in my power.