Project Introduction

A character has only one life. The gameplay is divided into different types, you will need to sit down somewhere so that the rolling stone does not crush you. Or, for example, move a box to get out somewhere. Turn on some mechanism or wait for the moment to pass the obstacle. Sometimes you will have to feed other creatures pumpkins to progress. When a character finds one page of a book, he will be able to influence physics and give certain objects gravitational force. In the final fight with the boss, the main character can still juggle objects. The boss can be defeated in two ways.

About Developer

I am from the small town of Zdolbuniv, in the Rivne region. I worked as an interior and furniture designer, but due to a full-scale war, I lost my job and decided to complete my game to the finish line. My project started a long time ago as more of a hobby, but in the end the goal appeared - to publish it on mobile devices. The game will have Ukrainian and English localization. It will be a voiceover of the characters in both languages, along with the text. I made all the animations, characters, music and sounds myself. I put my heart into the hope that the game will attract with its atmosphere. I believe that Ukraine will win! Glory to Ukraine!