Project Introduction

The core mechanics are very simple and easy to understand:
You have 4 different types of mirrors:
A static mirror type you cannot interact with.
A mirror type that you can rotate. (Q and E)
A mirror type that you can tilt. (Q and E)
And a mirror type that you can move around. (E)
You have to make the choice: how can I position and manipulate the mirrors, so that they reflect the light beam in the direction of the crystal lock?
At the same time, you have to watch out to not get burned (which comes naturally, being a vampire) or block your own path to the exit.
While you explore your vampire castle, you encounter mysterious black objects with dark magic. They reveal your true identity and tell a story of your vampire past.
To unlock their story, you have to shine the light onto them.
The black objects can be seen as additional quests throughout the game.

About Developer

We are Open Door Studios
We embrace mechanics that are simple and fun.

We are a student project team consisting of:
Xenia Semilovsky (Producer, Game Design Lead, UI/UX Design & Trailer Editing)
Joshua Lutz (Tech Lead & Level Design)
Florian Kirmaier (Art Lead, 3D Art & Environment Art)
Jin Ristic (Concept Art, 3D Art & Animation)
Elian Büchtemann (Tech Art, Animation & Environment Art)
Fabiola Wörter (Sound Design & Composing)
Jiro Yoshioka (Cello)
Daniel Klein (Narrative Design & Animation)

We used 3D props and scans from occupied or destroyed Ukrainian land for the cut scene at the end of the game.
Through Xenia and her Ukrainian heritage, we are deeply connected with the Ukrainian people and their struggles because of occupation and destruction on their native soil.