Leaping Cat Smooth Dark


It is planned to make 15 story levels, one endless level, and multiplayer with a gun duel mode and best time level passing competition. Currently only 5 levels and an infinite level are implemented in the game. All backgrounds for the game are drawn using MidJourney AI
The cat jumps on platforms that are: normal, disappearing, collapsing, driving (not implemented yet) and rotating (not implemented yet). There are also obstacles: spikes, birds, bosses (not implemented yet). The goal of Axer's cat is to find the brother who destroyed the universe with a space-time machine and try to put everything back in its place. Axer is a global world police officer.
A bit of the plot of the first part, named Leaping Cat:
Axer's brother - Mike, after destroying the universe, went on an adventure in search of his laboratory, because he believed that he could fix the machine, go back in time and fix everything (the platforms on which the cat jumps are pieces of the planet that flew apart after the explosion) . Mike himself, due to many obstacles, ends up near his car, but there he is caught by officers of the world police. The ending remains open, the last thing the player sees is an explosion.
Part 2 of the game, Leaping Cat : Smooth Dark tells the story of Axer's adventures, parallel to the time of part 1. Axer, too, faces many obstacles, and finds Mike in a laboratory somewhere in space. He tries to stop his brother from activating the machine because he knows it won't take Mike back in time, but it's too late. Another explosion occurs, pelting Mike with stones. At the very end, Axer approaches him and holds out a piece of paper. The piece of paper reads: Wanted mentally ill cat named Mike.
It turns out that all the adventures, and even Axer himself, are Mike's sick fantasies...

The game has an atmosphere of mystic, which is supported by music, visual effects and style.

About Developer

I am an amateur indie developer from Kyiv, studying in the Economics University. I've started creating games in January 2022, and i don't have a team, i am working on my own.