Project Introduction

The gameplay follows the rules of the "Minesweeper" game, but does not stop the game when a player opens a "mine", it only imposes a time penalty. Since the goal is to complete a task within a certain time (usually finding "keys"), and not just to open all the cells, it makes the game more dynamic, forcing the player to take risks, and challenges the players' quick decision-making skills.

RPG elements create progression and allow you to customize the game to your style - the player can improve both the effectiveness of certain skills and reduce the penalties for using them.

One of the mechanics is also the search for "targets" and the correct use of their finances - to find higher-ranking criminal AIs, the player needs to improve their systems at the right time and choose the most "profitable" targets.

The game also has a storyline, during which the player will choose certain answers that will affect the outcome of the story.

About Developer

I have about 5 years of experience in mobile & cross-platform development as UI/Gameplay Developer and Porting Enginer.
Main Projects: Questland" (Gamesture), "Flip This House" (Ten Square Games), "Kosmokrats (Switch)", "Floodland" (VileMonarch)

He also participated in GameDevCamp as a programming mentor.