Project Introduction

The game embodies the genres of RPG and visual novel with elements of tactical turn-based combat. You play as an engineer in a world where technology and morality are intertwined in a tight knot. Each of the 12 map areas has its own unique atmosphere and issues that affect the global state of the plot and your relationships with the characters.

In the visual novel mode, you interact with characters and objects that can lead to branching quests or trigger dialogues with moral dilemmas. Your choices in the dialogues affect the trust of NPCs and open up new ways to develop the plot.

The world of the game breathes and changes with your actions. From repairing old implant parts to help citizens to hacking corporate megaservers, your every move or invention can bring hope for a better future or throw the city into chaos. You are not just an engineer, you are an engineer of change.

In between solving complex problems, you can feel the atmosphere and drive of life.

Despite the current focus on immersiveness and interactive visual novels, the game will be generally about economics, materials of different quality, advanced crafting, and clan management.

About Developer

The game had been in development for a year, and then it was decided to assemble a team to fill each menu with atmosphere and content. We plan to have 12 city districts with their own stories, and the setting is a fusion of Ukrainian culture and cyberpunk themes. We are all big fans of the genre, so we are working as hard as we can on everything. The main theme of the narrative component is humanity and helping others, but good must be strong.