Project Introduction

Tobi was a professor at the Branafotz Magical Academy in the kingdom of Winterlake, he imparted knowledge of Magical creatures to his students. He told them how to study, search, and above all how not to harm the wide variety of creatures that inhabited their kingdom. He also dispelled the myth of people that all magical creatures are not intelligent and have no feelings and emotions, the professor always tried to protect their habitats, which were gradually taken over by various Lords and Kings.
One day Tobi was writing his new research paper when suddenly he heard a rumor that on the shore of the big lake Moro, which is far to the East in the no-man's land there was a magical cataclysm. Not many people live in that region, but there is a large variety of different creatures. All of them prefer to hide in the forests and rarely come to people. Tobi decided to immediately go to the place of incident, collected everything necessary for the road and from this moment begins a new exciting adventure into the depths of no man's land, he will look for clues to the cataclysm and study new races to find answers.

In the game, you can garden, collect various resources, and search for useful items. Tools will help you with this. For example, you can cut down a tree with an axe, mine different types of stones and minerals, or prepare the ground for planting with a hoe. Interact with a variety of creatures and travel to different locations. You can find many valuable things there.

In the next updates to the game will be added:
- Buying and selling system
- Crafting and material processing system
- Construction system
- Quest system

About Developer

My name is Ivan and I am a game developer from Kyiv. I started developing Hidden Glade more than a year ago. I work alone, so the development is not as fast as I would like. But in spite of everything, I still continue to work because I believe that I can make a really good game.
Hidden Glade will be fully localized and will have full support in Ukrainian. This project will be the golden ticket to the Ukrainian gaming industry that I have always dreamed of.