Project Introduction

Hedenite is a first-person 2D point & click/visual novel adventure game for PC. It is set in an anachronistic world inspired by the city of Kyiv, its architecture, railway transport, and people.

Our USPs are:
- Hand-drawn world you’ll want to stay in: unique artistic style, immersive soundtrack, detailed and believable universe
- Captivating story told with quirky humor: funny dialogues, memorable characters
- Fun story-driven puzzles guiding players through the story's twists and turns

Since the game is narrative-driven, here’s a brief overview of the story. You are eM and you just finished school. You live in Heden, the Lower Town, home to merchants, tram drivers, geographers, and smugglers. You are running errands for your granny when suddenly this happens: you get invited to study at the prestigious Vaughis University in the Upper City. It’s a dream come true! But there’s a catch: although Vaughis is dominating the hills right above Heden, the way up is far more difficult than it seems…

Сore mechanics are fairly classic for an adventure game: you explore different locations, talk to NPCs, and solve mini-puzzles to discover new information, unlock new areas on the map, and receive quests to propel the story forward. In the future we will implement additional mechanics that will reward you for reading as many optional dialogues as possible and bring you perks and special features such as map shortcuts or the ability to see hidden objects.

About Developer

We are a small indie team of professionals with diverse backgrounds who got together at Gamedev Camp to create our first video game. We’ve been working on Hedenite since August 2023. We have award-winning Ukrainian illustrators Anna Ivanenko ( and Jenya Polosina ( as 2D artists; cultural manager / writer / musician / PhD in French literature Les Vynogradov as the game designer and composer; and researcher / coder / PhD in Physics Nazar Mazur as the programmer.

Our team hails from Kyiv, Ukraine, and the idea of the game first emerged as our way of coping with changes, often destructive, in the urban landscape we loved. We are motivated by our love for interactive storytelling, comic books, and the desire to share our passion for Kyiv’s rugged beauty and cultural diversity.