Project Introduction

Headquarters: World War II is a fast paced turn-based strategy covering the Battle of Normandy in the three plot-driven campaigns and a number of skirmishes. Choose your side, form your force, assign heroes, level up your units, and use Headquarters skills to overcome the enemy.

Face a real tactical challenge
The game's combat system is based on an easy to learn - hard to master approach. Deceptively easy at a first glance, it offers lots of possibilities:

Units have front/side/back/top armor and their positioning matters a lot
Fences and other obstacles offer a directional cover that depends on the angle of attack
Different terrain types offer various bonuses and affect Line of Sight
Destroyed vehicles and other large objects affect the battlefield and provide cover
High Ground mechanics allow multiple levels of terrain elevation that affect Line of Sight and combat effectiveness
Destructible buildings with different stages of demolition create unique challenges

Enjoy the striking visuals
All units and scenery are created with the finest attention to detail using Unreal Engine 4 to achieve a very realistic visual style:
Realistic unit models with proper physics in place
Visceral elements of devastation - burning tank hulks, ruined houses, shell craters, smoke, death, and destruction. You will witness this and many other horrors of the war
Varied surroundings - your troops will come across war-torn battlefields as well as peaceful villages with cattle and fields of grain. Mind your tanks - this quaint beauty is quite fragile

Go through numerous battles
See all sides of the story by completing 3 campaigns with 9 operations in each. The game features United States, United Kingdom, and German campaigns all set in the Normandy landings period of the war.

Manage your troops
Between the battles, you can upgrade or change your units, level them up, and assign heroes to them, granting unique abilities

Keep your crews safe
Every unit has a crew - and the crew is the heart of any unit. Losing different crew members results in different penalties for the unit. Losing a gunner means the unit has fewer attacks, losing a driver means the unit has reduced mobility, and so on.
Be victorious in any skirmish
Test your skills against an AI on each of the 6 skirmish maps. Different victory conditions require versatility in your planning and tactics.

Prove yourself as a masterful tactician
Play skirmish battles against real opponents or 2x2 team battles with friends. The game supports multiplayer battles with up to 4 players both with real-time connection or using Slitherine’s CombatHQ system.
Play your own game
Use the Editor tool to create your own skirmish/multiplayer maps and share them with the community.

About Developer

Starni Games is a Ukrainian game development company, based in Kyiv. It is founded and run by Ihor Tymoshenko, a programmer and a game designer with over 20 years of experience. The company’s first project was the browser MMO game Star Ghosts, released in 2015. After that the team switched to PC games development, debuting with Panzer Strategy on Steam in 2018, and continuing with the signature series of hardcore strategy games - the Strategic Mind saga, which shows World War II from all major participants’ perspectives.
The new page in Starni Games' history started when the team moved from self-publishing to cooperation with the well-known British publisher Slitherine Software, which resulted in the development of Headquarters: World War II - a fast-paced tactical game set during the Normandy Landings that offers deep combat mechanics combined with top-notch graphics.
Since 2016 the team grew from 3 to 29 people and specialises in the development of hardcore strategy titles and narrative-driven games. Starni Games continues to work from the Kyiv office and released a fully free charity project - Ukraine War Stories, about the civilians caught on the occupied territory during the first weeks of the invasion, based on real events and eyewitness accounts.